I have to admit, although I feel better living the lifestyle that I do, I can’t help but think about things I used to eat before. I miss cheese puffs, chips, hostess cakes, things I know aren’t good for me but taste SOOOOO good. My favorite snack was Herrs Buffalo Blue Cheese puffs. I know that they sound weird but they are one of the best things I have ever tasted, EVER. So when I think about them, I grab a piece of fruit and remember how good I feel after eating something that is really good for me. I feel “cleaner”. It’s hard to explain, but I feel lighter, not as heavy as I do when I eat junk. I have more energy, stamina, and my mood is even better when I eat healthy.

People have asked me if I am on some sort of “health kick” or diet, but the truth is, because I nurse my daughter I have been almost five pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight for a few months now. I have been eating better for maybe a few weeks because I want to avoid the risk factors that are present in my genetics (diabetes and heart problems are among the top concerns for me, cancer and hypertension for my husband). Food is the best prescription for any affliction and the best way to avoid afflictions. My husband and I made this decision together, and so far he has lost eight pounds, has been doing better in his workouts and has more energy throughout the day. Our son makes healthier choices and is setting the best example for his little sister when it comes to food.

In a way, my decision keeps me grounded. The reasons that I have for choosing this lifestyle are all I need to avoid temptation. Since it is present, we allow ourselves one day a week to eat whatever we want; although I am noticing that we eat junk less and less even on those days! As my cooking skills increase and I learn how to make more and more of what we would normally “order out”, we may just cut out all junk food completely. Baby steps….:)





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