Budget = Success!

Ladies and Gents (and other literate beings who choose to read my blog)! It is with great pleasure that I am able to tell you that we are able to continue eating clean! Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple; we spend the same amount of money on better food as we did eating a “balanced” diet (and by balanced diet I mean eating crap and more crap). Just so everyone is aware, the term “crap” is my politically incorrect way of referring to processed food, GMOs, chemicals, and other garbage which is filled with, well, crap. Our Trader Joe’s runs are averaging around $160-$170/week, which is what we used to spend at our local commissary on base which sells 80% of, you guessed it, crap! We buy grass fed beef, free range chicken, organic milk, cheese, eggs, tortillas, bread, and even ketchup made with five ingredients. We eat recipes that we have always eaten, just without the crap 🙂

So folks, I believe that I have proven how affordable eating better actually is. When you see that an organic product is around $.30 – $1.00 more than it’s genetically modified or chemically grown counterpart, remember that if you don’t buy crap, you can afford it! Isn’t it wonderful? I mean granted, the price of grass fed beef is pretty high, but it is so tender and delicious, and it doesn’t smell like rotting flesh when you open it’s package, unlike beef that’s filled with crap from a cow that’s fed it’s own mother, sister, brother, etc. Think about what that extra dollar is getting you, and how much better you will feel for it.

Until next week! Oh, and I still have yet to try mushrooms…..but I’m getting there!


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