Dreaded Mushrooms, We Meet Again…And I Still Don’t Like You!

As my readers know, I wrote a post some time ago about my extreme dislike of mushrooms and how I would “conquer those vile fungus.” Well, needless to say, they are still vile to me. I look at a mushroom and I want to shrivel up and die. Ok, not really. But I wish the mushroom would.

It just so happens that my first real experience in the kitchen involved mushrooms. When I was seven years old, my mother had me sauté her mushrooms while she finished up the rest of dinner (I think we had steak that night). I remember the smell, how it was so appealing yet I just couldn’t bring myself to eat a mushroom. Some have told me that they are an “acquired” taste, like beer or fine wine. Well I love beer and fine wine (white wine, not red!) but I don’t think I will ever acquire a taste for something that feels like I’m eating a snail every time I chew. Gross. But at least I can say I tried!

I can say, though, that I have still come up with some awesome kitchen creations despite my lack of all things fungal in nature in my food. The other night I whipped up a nice Caprese pasta using whole wheat fusili, diced organic tomatoes on the vine, organic basil, shredded Parmesan, shredded mozzarella, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Even my husband, who rarely eats a meal with meat, said it was “rather tasty” (that’s high praise from him when it comes to vegetarian meals, kind of like a Vulcan telling a human that they’ve “done well).

So I suppose I don’t need mushrooms to eat clean. But I will never stop trying new things or revisiting old foods that never got a true chance with me. Next stop: Brussels sprouts!

Until next time, here’s a bad mushroom haiku for your entertainment:

I eat you and my face is bitter
My insides shrivel
Then I throw up
In a toilet, if I’m near one.


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