The Greatest Gift…

I started this blog in the hope of educating others on clean eating. I wanted people to know that clean eating didn’t mean “flavorless food” or “dull eating”. It is actually quite the opposite. The only thing that it takes is more effort.

Today, my friend and fellow military wife Kayla Anderson said I inspired her to start her own clean eating journey, to not only help with her illness but also to get fit. You can find her blog about her own journey and her awesome crochet patterns

Words can do many things – they can hurt, heal, and invoke inspiration. I am so incredibly beside myself that I was able to help someone else, as I didn’t think I could. The things you can do when you put your mind to them are amazing.

Food is the one thing all cultures have in common. We each have our own styles of cooking, yes, but you can bring many people together with food. Whether your favorite style of food is Mexican, Indian, Italian, or Asian – you will always find you have something in common with somebody. I consider food one of the greatest gifts given to us by God to be able to share with others.

Meanwhile, I posted two new recipes in the “How to Make Your Own…” section of the Recipes link in the menu. 🙂

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