Clean Eating, In Laws, and Avocados

We just hosted my mother-in-law and brother-in-law at our place this weekend. Rest assured, she is NOT the mother-in-law from hell, and my brother-in-law and I get along very well.

However, they were a bit skeptical about clean eating.

So, I did what any good, resourceful foodie would do – I cooked. Not just any old meat and potatoes, but my mom’s original chicken devan recipe. Vegetarian fed chicken, organic frozen broccoli, smothered in a Vermont sharp cheddar cheese and white wine sauce. 

Yeah, I know, you’re salivating just HEARING about it. Good thing I don’t have pictures…yet 😉

Anyway, they loved it, and couldn’t believe that it was a clean meal. I mean hey, I love food, and what I make is gonna have flavor. To halfway quote my late grandmother, freaking mangia!

Also, my daughter is CRAZY about avocados. We went to breakfast today and I ordered an omelette with avocado. I decided to cut up one of the slices and give it to my little Serenity (along with my cheesecake pancake. I couldn’t help it, it may be crap but it’s DELICIOUS crap, and I didn’t use my cheat day yet;) ). She pushed the pancake out of the way after tasting both and went straight for the avocado. Man am I a proud mama today! She has also recently become mobile in the form of actual crawling. Not that half-crawl, half-doing-the-worm thing she WAS doing, and I can barely keep up. I think between good, clean food and her copious amounts of energy, I’m gonna have my hands quite full. 

Recipe for the delicious chicken devan will be up soon folks!

Until next time, Jill



2 thoughts on “Clean Eating, In Laws, and Avocados

  1. I think, I’m going to have to prepare a bunch of foods for me and I’ll just freeze it?? LOL. It sounds so good!

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