A “21 Seasoning” Salute to You!

It has been far too long since I last communicated with you, my fellow foodies and beloved audience. Alas, I have been gone WAY too long, leaving this, my brain child, neglected and alone in cyberspace. *cries*

Really folks, school, Thirty-One, and familial responsibilities have all been taking my valuable time away. While I know this reasoning is highly forgivable, it’s the lack of inspiration that is not. I haven’t felt inspired to write at all, at least not anything interesting. 



While again perusing my favorite store (Trader Joe’s, in case some of you never got the hint or simply didn’t know XD), I spotted a seasoning that looked interesting. It is Trader Joe’s brand “21 Seasoning Salute”. I couldn’t help my curiousity – I picked up the bottle and read the ingredients, which include cayenne pepper, parsley, basil, orange peel, lemon juice powder, and garlic, among others – and put it in the cart, anxious to try it. This stuff seemed right up my alley – I am a lover of bold flavor, and 21 seasonings is most likely pretty bold. 


When I got home, I could not WAIT to open it up and smell it. It was an anticipation that I hoped wouldn’t disappoint. Seriously. Seasoning gets me excited (No, not THAT type of excited, you perv :P). It was pretty amazing. The anticipation was NOT a disappointment, in fact, it was RIGHT on target. So my bright idea last night was marinate chicken in the seasoning, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Simple enough. AND IT WAS DELICIOUS. Pair it with some roasted garlic red potatoes and lemon butter green beans? YUM. I was NOMMING last night. So simple and SO GOOD. I can’t wait to experiment with it on mashed potatoes, steak, burgers, and even in homemade mayonnaise! I know right? Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning aioli….possibly coming to this blog 😉 we shall see!

In the meantime, I will be posting more recipes as soon as I have the photos to accompany. After all, we all eat with our eyes first! 

Until next time, mangia!



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