About Me

Hi! I’m Jill!

I’m the proud wife of a U.S. Airman. His name is Brad. He is my rock and my hard place. No but really, he’s wonderful, and I couldn’t ask to be married to a better man.

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We have two beautiful, intelligent, amazing children. Gavin (aptly named after Gavin Rossdale, the lead singer of Bush *swoon*) is seven years old and Serenity is ten months old (yes, she is named after the ship in Firefly. You caught me!)


We also have two “fur babies”. Ming is our blue Scottish fold and Boomer is our sassy long-haired Tortoise shell tabby.

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I avidly practice attachment parenting with my daughter and positive parenting with my son. My family is what makes my world go round. They drive me nuts, and yet, they make me feel so blessed, happy, and complete all at once. They are the most important people, and creatures, in my life.

As you may have gathered from the theme of this blog, our family is on a quest to live healthier – and by live healthier, we mean go (mostly) natural. The goal is to one day be completely free of toxins and common pollutants in what we eat, drink, and use, but for now the goal is, well, mostly. 🙂 And do it on a budget, no less! We are stationed at a very isolated military installation in southern California. It’s really not as bad as I think it can be sometimes.

As someone who has a profound weakness for anything chocolate and junk food related, what made me decide to go all natural? Why deprive myself of all the tasty goodies in the world? Don’t those cleaning products smell bad? What about the beauty products? Do they even work? The truth is, I haven’t deprived myself. I will still, on occasion, enjoy chocolate and whatever else I feel like in moderation. After all, I couldn’t go without my “fat tokens” (this is what my husband calls my Oreos) forever could I? I have decided on an all natural diet and lifestyle for a few reasons. First, when my daughter was born, I decided to give breastfeeding another shot. I had had difficulty with my son when I was placed on the wrong type of birth control, which ended up drying up my milk supply. I then thought about what I was putting into my body, as what I put into my body would affect her body. I knew then that I wanted only the best for her, even if it meant eating things I didn’t particularly like. Aside from food allergies, I now have a wider palette and a healthier diet

Anyway, back to what I, well we, are all about. My husband and I are both commonly referred to as “nerds”. If that means we like Star Trek, Star Wars, going to Comic Con and playing video games (when allowed) all day every day, then we will take it! Unlike most sci fi fanatics, we are not fans of Doctor Who. Couldn’t really get into it 😛

On the side, I am a part time petsitter. I love animals and it is something that I really like doing, so why not get paid for it, right? I am also an independent consultant for a Thirty-One Gifts. Click on the “Love My Thirty-One Business :)” link on the homepage for more information! Both of these activities allow me to be a stay-at-home mom and contribute all at once.

I have wanted to start a blog for a very long time now, and I am so happy I finally have the chance to do so. I will be posting my recipes (both made over and original) and how I have turned them into all natural, yet amazing dishes. Just because you eat healthy, doesn’t mean your food has to be void of all flavor! My goal with this blog is to take you with me on my journey to a healthier life, without having to make too many sacrifices along the way. Come grow with us!


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