The Absolute Best Chicken Soft Tacos


Blog 009

This recipe was also inspired by a trip to Chili’s with my girlfriends. I wanted to have another variation to “taco night” in my home that was a bight healthier than standard ground beef tacos (less greasy too!). Since I adore any food wrapped in a tortilla, this was ideal for me. My family loves them, too!


Juice of one lime

Handful of fresh cilantro

One tbsp. garlic powder

One tbsp. onion powder

One tsp. salt

One tsp. black pepper

1/2 extra virgin olive oil

Soft Tacos:

Six flour tortillas (I used Trader Joes truly homemade flour tortillas)

One pound boneless chicken breasts, marinated (recipe for marinade above)

Optional toppings: tomatoes, lettuce, cheese (white Vermont Sharp cheddar was used in the photo), salsa, Ciliantro Lime Ranch Dressing

Grill or saute marinated chicken until cooked through. Cut chicken into pieces and layer onto tortillas along with desired toppings. Enjoy!


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